We have hundreds of satisfied customers, many of which have been working with us since we first began in 1999. Here is what some of them have to say about our service...

"We wanted to let you know, how much we are enjoying our food and freezer!

You have an AMAZING product and we are truly lovin' it!

We realize we are still very new to the program, but we are sure it will only get better as it goes along and we continue to enjoy AWESOME food and save money too!!

We look forward to being customers, for many years to come.

Thanks again. "

Peggy & Mike
Feeding Hills, MA

"The shop at home service was there for our family of 6 during the Central Mass Ice Storm. If it wasn't for them we would have lost all our frozen goods. Valuable and quality service provided.


W. Boylston, MA

"I have been a customer for over four years with Shop At Home foods and have been very happy with the service. I started the service while pregnant with my first child. I not only order food through them, but many of my nonperishable goods along with my dog food and cat litter so I don't have to get these heavy items from the store. I would recommend Shop At Home foods to anyone who is looking for the convenience of having the majority of your groceries delivered to your home!"

Michelle C.
Rutland, MA

"We have been customers of Shop at Home for several years, and have always enjoyed the quality of the food, selection of products, and the great customer service. During the ice storm in mid-December 2008, we lost power for six days. On day 2, Jeff called to see if we needed our delivery picked up and put into cold storage. We did, and they were able to pick up all the freezer contents the next day. Several days later (once we regained power), Jeff called to see about re-delivery (we were about to get another 12" of snow on the weekend). Since his drivers were so busy, Jeff loaded our food into his personal truck and delivered at 7:30 am so that I didn't have to miss any time from work, and so that we would have food for the holidays.

I can't say enough how pleased I am that we decided to become customers of Shop at Home."

Jess & Jason
Worcester, MA

"We have been a customer for only the last year!!!!
Wish it was longer, we are completely satisfied. Every thing we have ordered we would rate as first class.

From the office staff, order takers whether in person or on the phone, to the delivery people every last one is just as polite to deal with.


Terri and Deanna & Kids
Johnston, RI

"We are a longtime customer of Shop at Home Food Services and can recommend their services with much confidence. Services have always been performed as promised. Our needs have always been met and often exceeded our expectations. Jeff and Barbara are caring professionals who have made us feel like family."

Bob and Cyndy
Southbridge, MA

"Shop at Home makes my life so much easier. With 2 small children and a part time job, I have no time to shop. I found this to be very convenient. I no longer have to spend an hour at the grocery store (or all that money!) I cannot say enough good things about the quality of the food. There is NO comparison to grocery stores. The meat is the best you can buy. There are so many options, there is something for everyone, trust me. They even stock your freezer for you! (I get EVERYTHING delivered excpet perishables!)

Jeff and Barbara are the best! You cannot ask for nicer people. I am a customer for life!"

Melissa and Bill
Monroe, CT

"My family has been with Jeff and Barbara at Shop at Home food service for 5 years. My kids always get so excited when we get a delivery. We get awesome food delivered at a great price. As a working parent it has been so convenient to have excellent food on hand 24/7. The service that Jeff and Barbara provide is 5 stars!!!!!!!!"

Michelle and Charles
Quincy, MA

"We are fairly new to the Shop at Home family, but were quickly won over by this wonderful service! The seasoned foods are delicious and easy to cook – and the rest of the menu is equally as tasty. The biggest benefit to me right now is the time savings. With two little children and a small business to run, the less time at the grocery store the better. Thanks for all you do!"

John & Kirsten
Mystic, CT

"My husband and I had been a customer of Shop at Home for about four years when the opportunity arose that we would be able to move with our jobs to Maine and build our dream home. One of the few regrets we would have was that we would have to cancel our service.

A convenience I was truly going to miss.

Well when I called and spoke to Barbara , she listened while I went on about the little log cabin in the woods and as I expressed my dismay at that after four great years of having so much of my grocery needs meet with one simple meeting and having it all appear like clock work, wrapped and neatly put away, I was now going to have to shop the old fashion way. I was surprised when she asked if I could hold for just one minute. When she returned to the phone she told me “I just spoke with Jeff and I think we can work this out.”

It seems that they own a camp up in the woods of Maine and with a little juggling with the delivery schedule we could continue without interruption . They would bring my orders to me on the way to their camp.

Needless to say I was thrilled not only did I not have to go without some of the best meats I have ever had, I don’t have to explain that those beef tips Grammy serves at cookouts are not from an old secret family recipe, but from the family at Shop at Home. In this hurry up world it's really hard to find a company to go the extra mile but at Shop At home they go an extra few hundred miles.

So our family is still eating well at the cabin in the woods thanks to the family at Shop At Home

Thank you Jeff and Barbara

Your friends and clients,"

Steve and Janine
Augusta, ME

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