Our Products: Seafood

600Tilapia Fillets CM 8oz
601Flounder Fillets DAB 16 oz
603GNRC Shrimp Ckd/Pld 51/60
604Salmon Fillets 1.0 CM
605Swordfish Steaks 8 oz CM
606Cod 1.0 CM
607Shrimp Raw 26-30ct.
608Sea Scallops 20-30 ct.
609Haddock Fillets 16 oz CM
611Salmon 8 oz CM
613Bay Scallops IQF CM
614King Salmon 6oz CM
615Haddock 8 oz CM
616Cod 8 oz CM
631VDK Fish Sticks- 44 ct.
847Nant Scallops Wrap n Bacon

Food Safety

To help our customers keep up with daily and weekly recalls of food and grocery items, we recommend that you visit the government's Food Safety website.