Our Products: Poultry

Frozen Pot Pies
656Willow Tree Chicken Pot Pie 8z
657Willow Tree Chicken Pot Pie 26z
Frozen Vegtables Steamfresh
704SteamFresh Grill Chicken
Organic Sausage
675Organic Hot Dogs
676Smart Chix Org Andouille Sausage
415Chicken Tenders - Teriyaki HB
418Chicken Tenders - Cajun HB
441B/L Chick Brst - Garlic Herb HB
500Organic Whole Chickens 3.5-5lbs
502Whole Fryer Chicken
503Roaster Chicken
504Tyson Breaded Chicken Breast Filets
505Chicken Wings - Oriental HB
506Whole Chicken Legs 575
507Chicken Drumsticks 573
508Chicken Wings 576
509B/I Split Chicken Breast 572
510B/L Chicken Breast - 6 oz 577
511Cornish Hens HB
512Use # 565
513B/L Chick Brst - Zesty Lemon HB
515Duck Breast
516B/L Chicken Breast 4/4oz
517B/L S/L Chicken Thighs - Teriyaki HB
519B/LS Chicken Thighs 570
525Chicken Wings - Buffalo HB
526B/I Chicken Thighs 571
541B/L Chick Brst - Pub House
542B/L Chick Brst - BBQ HB
543B/L Chick Brst - Lemon/Pepper HB
544B/L Chick Brst - Teriyaki HB
545B/L Chick Brst - Honey Lime HB
546B/L Chick Brst - Carib Mango HB
556B/L Chick Brst. - Bread Stuffing
557Chicken Skewer - Lemon Pepper
559Chicken Skewer - TeriI No Veg HB
560Chicken Skewer -Vegetable HB
561Chicken Skewer - Teri & Vegt HB
562Chicken Skewer - Plain HB
563Chicken Skewer - Cajun HB
569Chicken Wings - Pub House HB
661Smart Organic Ground Chicken
662Organic B/L Chicken Tenders
663Organic B/L S/L Chicken Breast
664Ground Natural Chicken HB
822B/L Chick Brst. - Wild Rice/Mush HB
873B/L Chick Brst Cordon Bleu HB
Poultry Marinated Breast
536B/L Chick Brst - Oriental HB
082Smoke Chick Sausage W Feta/Spin 812
083Chicken Sausage W/Rosemary Sausage 803
307Chicken Sausage - Sweet Italian HB
673Smart Chkn Org Sweet Sausage
674Smart Organic Hot Sausage
677Smart Chix Org Swt Apple Sausage
678Smart Chix Org Mpl Bfst Sausage
679Smart Chix Org Cntry Breakfast
Turkey Products
191Ground Turkey Rolls-11
192Turkey Breast
19320 - 22 lb. Turkey
19414 - 16 lb. Turkey
413Turkey Tips - Burg Pep HB
414Turkey Tips - Teriyaki Sauce HB
416Turkey Tips - Plain HB
417Turkey Tips Garlic n Herb HB
419Turkey Tips - Swt Bourb Sce
480Turkey Kabob - Garl Herb & Veg HB
528Turkey Cutlets Boneless HB
666Ground Turkey 93/7 White HB
667Turkey Sausage - Sweet
668Turkey Sausage - Hot

Food Safety

To help our customers keep up with daily and weekly recalls of food and grocery items, we recommend that you visit the government's Food Safety website.