Our Products: Pork

068Canadian Bacon
071GNRC Bacon
Frozen Breakfast
808Jones All Nat. Bkfst Links
813Jimmy Dean Cooked Links
836Jones Golden Brn Lite Sausage
837Jones Turkey Link Sausage
110B/L Pork Chops 1/4” thk 737
299Pork Loin Roast B/I 706
301Center Cut Pork Roast B/L 712
302Pork Tenderloin Tips - Lem Pep
303Pork Tenderloin Tips - Teriyaki
304Pork Tenderloin Tips - Gar/Herb
305Center Cut Pork Roast B/I 706
308Center Cut Pork Chop B/I 729
309DBL Thick C.C. Pork Chops B/L 769
311Country Style Ribs B/LS 746
313Chinese Ribs - Boneless #30
314Ham Steaks
315Center Cut Pork Chop B/L 738
316Pork Chop w/Apple n Cinnamon HB
317Pork Chop w/ Wild Rice Mush HB
318DBL Thick Pork Chops B/I 731
321Country Style Ribs B/I 719
325Pork Tenderloin 2.5# 760
326Pork Tenderloin 1.25 # 710
327Baby Back Ribs 744
330Pork Stir Fry 716
334Center cut Pork Roast B/I 702
399Lloyds BBQ Ribs / Pork
845Ground Chourizo Fresh 1#
078Sausage - Sweet Italian (4) HB
084Sausage - Hot Italian (4) HB
094Sausage Chinese Pork (4) HB
097Smokehouse Pepper & Onion Sausage 816
098Pork Breakfast Sausage 805
322Chicken Sausage w/Apple Cinn 810
323Italian Sausage /Sweet 800
324Garlic & Cheese Sausage 178
328Italian Sausage Hot 801
852Fresh Kielbasa Loop HB

Food Safety

To help our customers keep up with daily and weekly recalls of food and grocery items, we recommend that you visit the government's Food Safety website.