Our Products: Groceries

Beef Meatballs
055Our Best 2 oz Meatballs (15-16)
Butter & Margarine
035GNRC Butter Quarters - Unsalted
036GNRC Butter Quarters - Salted
037Country Crock Spread Bowl
038LOL Marg Soft 2 Bowl
040GNRC Marg Soft Bowl
041LOL Marg Quarters
827LOL Butter - Salted
828LOL Butter - Unsalted
043GNRC Cheese Singles - White
044GNRC Cheese Singles - Yellow
045Kraft American Singles - White
046Cabot Shredded Mozz. Cheese
047GNRC Shredded Mozz Cheese
048GNRC Shredded Taco Cheese
049GNRC Shredded Cheddar Cheese
197Alexia Mozz. Sticks
270Giorgio Mozz Cheese Sticks
Frozen Bread
645Lender Bagels/ Plain (6ct)
646Texas Toast/ Cheese
647Garlic Bread/ Mozz
805Coles Garlic Toast No Cheese
Frozen Breakfast
020Jimmy Dean Bacon Bkfst Bowl
021Jimmy Dean Sausage Bkfst Bowl
022Eggo Buttermilk Pancakes
271Hot Pockets Bacon Egg & Chs
420Jimmy Dean Ckd Patty
648Eggo Buttermilk Waffles
649A J French Toast
650Eggo Waffles Homestyle
651Eggo Waffles Choc Chip
652Eggo Waffles Lo Fat Nutrgrn
802Eggo Blueberry Waffles
880GNRC Waffle Blueberry
881GNRC Buttermilk Waffles
882GNRC Homestyle Waffles
9201Jimmy Dean Bacon BF ST BO
9203Jimmy Dean Bcn Egg CHSE Biscuit
Frozen Desserts
9997Frozen Classic Walnut Brownie
9999Frozen Brownie Triple Choc
Frozen Fries Poly Bags
070Ore-Ida Mashed Potatoes 24 oz
227GNRC Fries Reg Cut
228GNRC Seasoned Fries
229GNRC Shoestring Fries
632Ore-Ida Tater Tots
634Ore-Ida Zesties
638Ore-Ida Steak Fries
883GNRC Crinkle Cut Fries 5lbs
884GNRC Tater Tots 5 lb
885Ore-Ida Pot Crispers
Frozen Fruits
658Wyman Blueberries
659Wyman Red Raspberries
660GNRC Strawberry Sliced Frz
803Organic Harvest Berries
819Organic Frozen Blueberries
830Organic Raspberries
833Organic Frozen Strawberries
Frozen Juice
754GNRC Apple Juice
806Minute Maid Orange Juice
Frozen Low Calorie
277Lean Pockets Chicken Parm
280Lean Pockets Turkey Broc Chs
Frozen Pasta
030Mrs T Pierogie Potato & Cheese
573GNRC Cheese Ravioli 20 oz
574Mama Rosa Cheese Spinach Ravioli
577Rosetto Stuffed Shells
578Rosetto Manicotti
590Stouffers Mac & Cheese
591Stouffers Lasagna/ Single Serve
804Rosetto Beef Ravioli
Frozen Pizza
174Amy’s Pizza - Broc & Cheese
175Amy’s Pizza - Cheese
176Amy’s Pizza - Margherita
187Flatbread Pizza - Cheese & Herb
195Flatbread Pizza Revolution
196Flatbread Pizza Vegan Harvest
282Totino Pizza Rolls - Combo
284Totino Pizza Rolls - Supreme
285Stouf Fr Brd Pizza - Cheese
286Stouf Fr Brd Pizza - Deluxe
287Stouf Fr Brd Pizza - Pepperoni
586Digourno 4 Cheese Pizza
588Digiorno Supreme Pizza
589Digiorno Pepperoni Pizza
592Ellios Pizza/ Cheese 9ct
593Celeste Cheese Pizza
594Tony’s Cheese Pizza
595Tony Pizza Pepperoni
596Totino Pizza Rolls Cheese
597Totino Pizza Rolls Pepperoni
598Bagel Bites Chz n Pepperoni
599Ellios Pepperoni Pizza 9 ct
617GNRC Self Rise Cheese Pizza
618GNRC Self Rise Pepperoni Pizza
619GNRC Self Rise Supreme Pizza
811Ellio’s Pepperoni Pizza 9 ct
Frozen Pot Pies
444Blakes Chicken Pot Pie 8 oz
699Blakes Chick Pot Pies 26z - Veg
Frozen Quick Meals
015Hot Pockets Beef & Cheese
016Hot Pockets Ham & Cheese
017Hot Pockets Meatball
018Hot Pockets Pepperoni
019Hot Pockets Philly Steak
173Amy’s Mac & Cheese
272Hot Pockets Ham & Cheese
273Hot Pockets Meatball with Mozz.
274Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza
275Hot Pockets Steak & Cheese
276Hot Pockets Sub Philly Steak
Frozen Veg. - Organic
801Organic Broccoli Cuts
812Organic Cut Corn
814Organic Broccoli Florets
816Organic Whole Green Beans
831Organic Cut Green Beans
832Organic Winter Squash
851Organic Chopped Spinach
Frozen Vegetables Boxed
701Birds Eye Asparagus
703Green Giant Brussel Sprouts -Box
708Birds Eye Chopped Spinach Box
709Birds Eye Leaf Spinach - Box
710Birds Eye Broc & Cheese Sauce
718G G Carrots Honey Glazed
733Green Giant Corn n Butter
Frozen Vegetables Poly Bags
707GNRC Whole Baby Carrots
714GNRC Broccoli Florets 16oz
715GNRC Carrots Cut Crinkle 16oz
716GNRC Cut Corn 16oz
717GNRC Cut Green Beans 16oz
719GNRC Peas 16oz
720GNRC Peas N Carrots 16oz
721GNRC Mixed Vegetable 16oz
722Birds Eye Baby Broccoli Florets
723GNRC Cauliflower Florets
724GNRC French Green Beans
726Birds Eye Peas
727Birds Eye Cut Corn
728Birds Eye Cut Green Beans
729Birds Eye Mixed Vegetables
Frozen Vegtables Steamfresh
705Steamfresh Broccoli
706Steamfresh Corn
711Steamfresh Green Beans Cut
712Steamfresh Mixed Vegetables
713Steamfresh Peas
730Steamfresh Broc Caulif Carrot
Hors D'oeuvres
198Alexia Mushroom Bites
Natural/Organic Potatoes
199Alexia Onion Rings
220Alexia Oven Fries Oil Rsm
221Alexia Oven Rds Oil Parm Garlic
222Alexia Sweet Potato Fries
223Alexia Sweet Potato Puffs
224Alexia Sweet Potato Waffle Fry
225Alexia Waffle Fries
226Alexia Yukon Gold Julien Sea Slt
531Barber Chicken Broc & Cheese
532Barber Chicken Cordon Blue
533Country Pride Chicken Nuggets
535Chicken Nugget 2.5 lb Bag
537TY Chicken Patties
809Barber Chick Brst Lobster/Scallps
810Barber Chicken Brst Kiev
635GNRC Fish Fillet Battered
636GNRC Fish Sticks Crunchy
637VDK Haddock Battered
Vegetarian Foods
9204Garden Burger Original
9207Garden Burger Veggie
9208Morning Farm Breakfast Patties
9210Morning Farm Breakfast Link
9211Morning Farm Breakfast Strips
9212Morning Farm Buffalo Wing
9215Morning Farm Chicken Patties
9220Morning Farm Garden Veg. Pattie
9223Morning Farm Griller Breakfast
Baby Food
1705Gerber Cereal Mix
1706Gerber Cereal Rice
1707Gerber Apple Sauce 2 pack
1708Gerber Bananas 2 pack
1709Gerber Peaches 2 pack
Baby Products
9125GNRC Baby Wipes
Baking Goods
1406Jiffy Muffin Mix - Blueberry
1416Gold Medal Flour - 5lb
1661Domino’s Gran Sugar
1662GNRC Flour 5lb
1663Bisquick Buttermilk 60 oz
1664Sweet & Low Sugar Packets
1665Bisquick Buttermilk 20oz
1666Arm n Hammer Baking Soda
1667Duncan Hines Devils Food Cake
1668Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Mix
2000Argo Corn Starch
9098BC Brownie Mix Family Size
9099BC Ginger Bread Mix
9100Nestle Semi-Sweet Choc Morsels
9101BC RTS Chocolate Frosting
9102BC RTS Vanilla Frosting
9103GNRC Granulated Sugar
9104Nestles Semi-Sweet Choc Morsels
9114Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix
9156GNRC Evaporated Milk
9157Diamond Walnuts-Tin
9229Rumford Baking Powder
9230Duncan Hines Bluebry Muff Mix
9231BC Pie Crust Mix
9232Equal Sweetener Packets
Barbeque Sauces
1464Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce 10z
1465GNRC BBQ Sauce Reg 18z
1466GNRC BBQ Sauce Hickory 18oz
1892Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce - Original
1895Sweet Baby Rays - Hick Brn Sug
1896Sweet Baby Rays - Honey BBQ
1897Sweet Baby Rays - Original
9082Kraft BBQ Sauce
9199Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce 18z
Beverages - Diet
2004GNRC Diet Cola 8/2 ltr
Beverages - Regular Soda
2001GNRC Cola 6/3 ltr
2002GNRC Orange Soda 6/3 ltr
2003GNRC Root Beer 6/3 ltr
Breakfast Bars
1743Nutri Grain Bar - Apple
1750Nutri Grain Bar - Blueberry
1755Nutri Grain Bar - Raspberry
1756Nutri Grain Bar - Strawberry
9091NV Granola Bars Var. Pack
Breakfast Cereal
1480GNRC Shredded Mini Wheats Bite Size
1481GNRC Honey Nut Tsted Oats
1482GNRC Raisin Bran Cereal
1675GM Cheerios - Hon. Nut 12.25 oz
1676GM Lucky Charms
1677Kellogg’s Special K
1678Kellogg’s Raisin Bran
1679GM Kix Cereal
1681GM Wheaties
1682Kellogg’s Fruit Loops
1683Kellogg’s Apple Jacks
1684Kellogg’s Corn Flakes
1685Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes
1686Kellogg’s Rice Krispies
1687Quaker Captain Crunch Cereal
1688GM Cheerios
1773GM Cheerios - Honey Nut 17 oz
1797Gm Cheerios - Multi Grain
1798GM Cinn Toast Crunch
1799GM Cocoa Puffs
1801GM Corn Chex
1802GM Golden Grahams
1816Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats
1819Kellogg’s Special K - Red Berry
1820Kellogg’s Variety Pack
1821GNRC Crispy Rice Cereal
1822GM Cheerios - Honey Nut
1823GM Total Cereal - Wheat
1829Kellogg’s Special K
1830Post Fruity Pebbles
1831Quaker Life Cereal
9092GNRC Corn Flakes
9093GNRC Frosted Flakes
9094GNRC Fruit Rings
Breakfast Oatmeal
1478GNRC Inst Oat Maple 15z
1479GNRC Inst Oat Variety 12.5z
1689Quaker Instant Oatmeal Variety
9090Quaker Quick Oats
Breakfast Pastries
1690Pop Tarts - Choc. Fudge Frosted
1691Pop Tarts - Raspberry Frosted
1692Pop Tarts - Cinnamon Frosted
9095Pop Tarts - Strawberry Frosted
9097Pop Tarts - Blueberry Frosted
Canned Beans
9147Goya Black Beans
9197Goya Yellow Chick Peas
9198Goya Red Kidney Beans
Canned Beans - Baked
1587Bush Grillin Beans Burbon Bsgr 22oz
1588B&M Baked Beans 16oz
1589Bush Beans Original 16oz
1590Bush Beans Maple Cured 28 oz
1591Bush Beans Bold n Spicy 28oz
1592Bush Grillin Beans Steakhouse 22oz
9020Bush Vegetarian Beans
Canned Fruits
9084Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce
9117Del Monte Fruit Cocktail Syrup
9118Del Monte Sliced Peaches Syrup
9119Del Monte Pear Halves Syrup
9120Dole Pineapple Slices Nat Juice
9166Dole Peach Bowl 4 pk.
9193Dole Mixed Fruit Bowl 4 pk.
9225Dole Diced Pears 4 Pk.
Canned Meat
9056Spam Luncheon Meat
9057Swanson Chicken Chunk White
Canned Pasta
1545Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli 15oz
1546Chef Boyardee Beefaroni 15oz
1547Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli 15oz
1548Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli 40oz can
1549Chef Boyardee Beefaroni 40oz
1550Chef Boyardee Spaghetti w Meatballs 39oz
9071Spaghetti-O’s 15oz
Canned Seafood
1483GNRC Chunk Lite Tuna in Water
1484GNRC Tuna Solid White in Water
1581Bumble Bee Tuna Sol Wht in Wtr
1582COS Tuna Chunk Light in Water
1583COS Solid White Albacore Tuna1632
1585Geisha Chunk Light Tuna Water
1586Geisha Solid White Tuna Water
9058Geisha Tiny Shrimp Can
9059Madam Crab Meat
9165King Oscar Sardines
Canned Soup
1552Campbells Chick Veg Soup 10z
1553Campbells Minestrone Soup 10z
1554Campbells Tomato Soup 10.75oz
1555Campbells Chicken Ndl Soup 10z
1556Campbells Chick Rice Soup 10z
1558Campbells Cream of Chick 10z
1559Campbells Vegt. Beef Soup 10.75oz
1560Campbells Cream of Mushroom 10z
1573Dinty Moore Beef Stew 20oz
Canned Soup-Progresso
1485Progresso Vegetable Soup 19oz
1486Progresso Split Pea w Ham 19oz
1487Progresso Italian Wedding Soup
1489Progresso Chicken Rice Soup 19oz
1490Progresso Beef Barley Soup 19oz
1561Progresso Chicken Noodle 19oz
1562Progresso Ministrone Soup 19oz
1563Progresso Chickarina 19oz
Canned Vegetables
9066Del Monte Peas
9067Del Monte Creamed Corn
9068Green Giant Niblet Corn
9080Lindsay X-L Ripe Pitted Olives
9107Veg-All Mixed Vegetables 15z
9108GNRC Whole Potatoes
9110GNRC Whole Kernel Corn
9111Del Monte Sliced Carrots
9112Del Monte Cut Green Beans
9113Penn Dutch Mushrooms S&P
9200GNRC Asparagus Spears - Whole
9243GNRC Mushrooms Stem & Pces
9244GNRC Cut Green Beans 14.5oz
9245GNRC Sliced Carrots 14.5oz
9246GNRC Corn Cream Style 14.75oz
9247GNRC Sweet Peas 15oz
9248GNRC Sliced Potatoes 15oz
Canned/Box Broth
1491GNRC Beef Broth 48oz
1492GNRC Chicken Broth 48oz
1493GNRC Beef Broth 14.5oz
1494GNRC Chicken Broth 14.5oz
1564College Inn Chicken Broth 14.5oz
1565College Inn Beef Broth 14.5oz
1566College Inn LS Chkn Broth 14.50z
Cat Food - Canned
1787Friskies Classic Sea Food
1788Friskies Tuna & Sauce
1789Friskies Tuna & Egg
1790Friskies Salmon Dinner
1791Friskies Sliced Beef
1792Friskies Sliced Chicken
9185Fancy Feast Variety Pack
Cat Food - Dry
1462GNRC Cat Chow 14 Lb
1793Friskies Grillers Blend Cat 16lbs
1794Meow Mix Original
1796Friskies Dry Cat Food Fish 16.2oz
Cat Litter
1800Scoop Away No track
1804Tidy Cat Litter 20 lbs
Cheese - Grated
9064GNRC Grated Parmesan Cheese
1567Snow Corn Chowder 15oz
1568Snow Clam Chowder 15oz
1569Campbells NE Clam Chowder 10.75oz
1570Progresso NE Clam Chow 18.5oz
Cleaning Supplies
1731Soft Scrub Cleaner w/Bleach 24oz
1732Brillo Pads Scrub n Toss 10ct
1733SOS Pads - Large 10 ct
1734Comet Cleaner 14oz
1736Formula 409 Cleaner
1737Windex Blue Trigger Glass Cleaner 26 oz.
1745Green Works Bathroom Toilet Cleaner 24z
1753Green Works All Purpose Cleaner Clorox
9060Fantastic Cleaner Trigger
9061Mr Clean Liquid Summer Citrus
9062Pine Sol Liquid
9123GNRC Glass Cleaner Trig 32oz
9129Lysol Disinfect Spray
9130Scrubbing Bubbles Aero Fr Scnt
9131Pledge Lemon Furn. Polish
9179Clorox Wipes Fr.Scent 75 ct
9180Clorox Wipes Lem Scent 75 ct
Coffee / Tea / Cocoa
1697Lipton Tea Bags
1698Lipton Tea Bags Decaf
1700Maxwell House Coffee
1701Swiss Miss Instant Cocoa
2012Folger Classic Roast
2013Maxwell Coffee 30 oz
2014Coffee Mate Creamer
9141C.F.O.’ Nuts Coffee
9142GNRC Non Dairy Creamer
9228Maxwell House Decaf
Condiment - Ketchup
9144GNRC Squeeze Ketchup 24 oz.
Condiment - Mayo
1625Hellmanns Mayo - Light 30z
1626Kraft Miracle Whip
1627Kraft Miracle Whip Dressing Lite
1629Hellmanns Dijon Sqz. Bottle
1835GNRC Mayonnaise Reg 30 oz
9081Cain’s Tartar Sauce
9226Cain’s Mayonaise 15 oz.
Condiment - Must/Relish
1630Cain’s Sweet Relish
1632Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard 8oz
1633Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard 8oz
9161GNRC Mustard Sqz 8 oz.
1621Lachoy Soy Sauce
1635Heinz 57 Steak Sauce
1636A-1 Steak Sauce 10oz
1637L & P Worcestershire Sauce 5z
1899Franks Red Hot Sauce 5 oz
1900Heinz Chili Sauce - 12 oz
1901Mcilhenny Tabasco Sauce - 2 oz
Cooking Oil/Vinegar
1657Wesson Oil Vegetable 24oz
1658Berio Olive Oil 16.9 oz
1659Wesson Canola Oil 24oz
1949GNRC Cider Vinegar 1 Gal
1950GNRC White Vinegar 1 Gal
9072Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17oz
9105GNRC Vegetable Oil 24oz
9132Crisco Shortening
9188Berio Olive Oil Tin
9249Botticelli Ex Virg Olive Oil 67.6oz
9250Botticelli Pure Olive Oil 67.6 oz
9251GNRC Olive Oil 17oz
9252GNRC Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17oz
9253GNRC Vegetable Oil 48oz
Cooking Sprays
1660Pam For Grillin
9254Pam w Olive Oil Spray
9255GNRC Cooking Spray - Veg Oil
Dish Detergent
1742GNRC Dish Liquid
1744Palmolive Dish Liq Antibact 10oz
9145GNRC Lemon Dish Liquid
Dishwasher Detergent
1747Cascade Fresh Gel 75 oz
1748Sunlight Dish Liquid 75oz
1749Cascade Action Pacs w/Dawn
9209Jet Dry Liquid
Dog Food Canned
1807Pedigree Choice Cut Chicken
1808Pedigree Choice Cut Beef
1809Alpo Prime Beef
1810Alpo Prime Chicken Cut up
1812Alpo Prime Beef Stew
1813Alpo Prime Chicken
1814Alpo Prime Beef
1815Alpo Prime Chicken
Dog Food Dry
1811Alpo Prime Cuts Meaty
1817Iams Dry Dog Chunks 15 lbs
1818Iams Dry Dog Lamb n Rice
9121Purina Beneful Dog Food
9122Purina Mainstay Dog Food
9170Purina Dog Chow 4.4 lbs.
9242Pedigree Crunchy Bites Beef
Dog Snacks
1826Milk Bone Flavor Snack
1827Milk Bone Large
1828Milk Bone Medium
Dried Fruits
2110Sunmaid Raisins - Bag 10 oz
9167Sunmaid Sdls Raisins 6pk
Drinks - Kids
9048Capri Sun Grape 10pk
9049Capri Sun Fruit Punch 10pk
9050Capri Sun Mountain Cooler 10pk
9051Capri Sun Pacific Cooler 10pk
9052Capri Sun Splash Cooler 10 pk
Drinks - Powdered
1702Nestles Chocolate Quik
9143Lipton Ice Tea Mix W/Lem 26z
Drinks- Syrups
1642Hershey’s Syrup - Chocolate
Dry Pasta
1495SSAV Elbows Macaroni 2lb box
1496GNRC Rotini 16oz
1497GNRC Pasta Elbows 16oz
1498GNRC Spaghetti Thin 3lb box
1499GNRC Spaghetti 3lb box
1500Barilla Penne Rigate 16oz
1501Barilla Rotini 16oz.
1502Barilla Elbows 16oz
1503Barilla Linguine 16oz
1504Barilla Angel Hair 16oz
1505Barilla Reg.Spaghetti 16oz
1506Barilla Thin Spaghetti 16oz
1507Barilla Rigatoni 16oz
1508Barilla Medium Shells 16oz
1509Barilla Plus Mg Elbow Mac. 14.5oz
1510Prince Elbows 16oz
1512Barilla Plus Mg Spaghetti 14.5oz
1513Barilla Plus Mg Thin Spaghetti 14.5oz
1514Prince Thin Spaghetti 16oz
1515Prince Ziti W lines 16oz
1516Ronzoni Oven Ready Lasagna 8oz
1517Penn Dutch Wide Egg Noodles
9189Barilla Ziti 16oz
9190Barilla Tri-Color Rotini
9191Barilla Plus Rotini
9221Barilla Whole Grain Penne
9222Barilla Whole Grain Thin Spag
Dry Pasta Mac/Cheese
1518Kraft Easy Mac n Cheese 12.9oz
1519Kraft Mac n Cheese Dinner
1521Annies Mac n Cheese 6oz
1522GNRC Mac N Cheese 7.25 oz
9134Velveeta Shells & Cheese
Dry Soups
1571Herb Ox Bouillon Beef Cube
1572Herb Ox Bouillon Chicken Cube
1578Ramen Soup Chicken 24/Case
1579Ramen Soup Beef 24/Case
1580Ramen Soup Oriental 24/Case
Frozen Desserts
9998Frozen Oreo Brownie
Garbage Bags
1712GNRC Trash 33 gall Bags 20 CT
9040GNRC Bag Tall Ktchn 13 gall 30 ct
9150GNRC Trash Bags 30 Gal.
Gluten Free
3007K Arthur Pancake Mix
1622Heinz Brown Gravy 12oz
1623Heinz Home Sty Chik Gravy
9088Heinz Home Sty Mushrm Gravy
9202GNRC Turkey Gravy
9205GNRC Chicken Gravy
9206GNRC Beef Gravy
1704V-8 Cocktail Juice
2198Motts Apple Juice 64 oz
2208Ocean Spray Cran Jc Cktl - 46 oz
9044Juicy Juice Apple 8pk
9045Juicy Juice Berry 8Pk
9046Juicy Juice Grape 8pk
9047Juicy Juice Fruit Punch 8 pk
Laundry Bleach
1777GNRC Bleach
Laundry Fabric Softeners
1751Bounce Dryer Sheets 80ct
1778Downy Fab Soft. Clean Breeze
1779Downy Liquid Mountain Spring
1780Downy Liquid April Fresh
9162GNRC Dryer Shts Fr. Scent 80 ct
Laundry Liquid Detergent
1752Wisk Ultra Liquid 50oz 2x
1754All Ultra Liq Free & Clear X2
1762Tide Ultra Liquid x2 w/ Bleach Alt.
1763Tide Liquid HE x2 46oz
1765Tide Liquid Mount Springs x2
1767Xtra Liq Detergent MT Rain 2x
1772A&H Liquid Ultra Free 2x original
1774GNRC Liquid Classic Reg 128 oz
1775GNRC Ultra Liquid w/Bleach
1776Woolite Liquid - 16 oz
9021Wisk HE Liquid 2x 32 Loads
9106Tide Free Ultra Liquid x2
9163Resolve Liquid Cleaner Trigger
9181Gain Laundry Det.x2
9182GNRC Liq. Classic Free/Clear
9195Tide HE Free/Gentle x2 100
Mexican Food
1474Ortega Soft Taco Dinner 10 ct
1475Taco Bell Hard Taco Dinner
1476GNRC Salsa Mild 16z
1477GNRC Salsa Medium 16z
9146Chi Chi’s Salsa - Med
1537Knorr Noodles Beef
1538Knorr Noodles Butter
1539Knorr Noodles Alfr & Broccoli
1540Knorr Noodle Alfredo
1541Knorr Noodle Cheddar Broccoli
1542Knorr Noodles Chicken
1543Knorr Noodles Chick & Broc
Paper & Plastic
1710Glad Drawstring Trash Bag 30 gal
1713Glad Force Flex Tall Kitch 38ct
1716Press n Seal 70 ft
9037Flex Straws 40ct
9038Cut Rite Wax paper
9039Ziploc Sandwich Bags 100ct
9041GNRC Sandwich Bag 150 ct
9042Glad Lock Freezer Gal Bags 15CT
9043Glad Lock Freezer Quart 20 CT
9133Paper Lunch Bags 50 ct
9149Ziploc Frzr. Bags Quart 20 CT
9151GNRC Plastic Wrap 100ft
9154GNRC Aluminum Foil 200sf
9155GNRC Aluminum Foil 25sf
9168Reynolds Wrap Foil
9169SSaver Pap Plates-Unctd 100 CT
Paper Napkins
1717Marcel Napkins 250 ct
1720GNRC Napkin White 500 ct
9089GNRC Napkins 120 ct.
Paper Towels
1718Bounty White Paper Towels
1719Bounty Select a Size
1721GNRC Paper Towel
1847GNRC Paper Towel Choose a Size
1848GNRC Big Roll Pap Towels 100ct
9034HANDI-WIPE Towel
9035SSAV Paper Towel
9036Bounty Basic 6 Roll Pk
Personal Hygiene
1781Lever 2000 Bath Bar 2 pk
1782Dial Bath Bar White 3 pk
1784Ivory Bath Bar 4 pk
1785Irish Spring Soap Bath 3 pk
1786Zest Soap Bars Aqua 3pk
Pickles & Olives
1912Lindsay Ripe Pit Olives - Small
1927Cains Bread & Butter Pkl Chips
1928Mt Olive Baby Kosher Dills
1649Chocolate Pudding - Instant
1650Vanilla Pudding - Instant
1523Carolina White Rice 10lb
1524Carolina Brown Rice - Bag - 2 lb
1525Carolina Long Grain Rice 32oz
1527Minute Rice 14oz
1528Minute Rice Brown 14oz
1529Success Rice 14oz Boil In Bag
1530Rice A Roni Beef
1531Rice A Roni Chicken
1532GNRC Instant Minute Rice 14oz
1534Near East Rice Pilaf
1535Near east Rice Couscous Garlic
1536Near East Rice Couscous Chicken
9022Knorr Rice Beef Sce Envelopes
9023Knorr Rice Chedd Broc Sce Envelopes
9024Knorr Rice Chicken Sce Envelopes
9025Knorr Rice Herb Butter Sce Env.
9026Knorr Rice Pilaf Sce Envelopes
9069Near East Chicken Rice
9070Near East Long Grain Rice
Salad Dressing
1610Kens Cheese Dressing 16oz
1617HVR Original Ranch Dressing 16oz
1638Wishbone Chunky Blue Cheese 8oz
1639Wishbone Italian Dressing 8oz
1640Wishbone Italian Creamy 8oz
1837GNRC Blue Cheese Dressing16oz
1838GNRC Ceasar Dressing 16oz
1839GNRC French Dressing 16oz
1840GNRC Dressing Italian Dressing 16oz
1841GNRC Italian Dressing Fat Free
9076HVR Original Ranch Dressing 8oz
9077Newman’s Oil & Vinegar 8oz
9078Wishbone Deluxe French 8oz
9079Wishbone 1000 Island Dressing 8oz
1463Ragu Classic Alfredo Sauce 16oz
1600Hunts Tomatoes Sauce 8oz
1602Prego Spaghetti Sauce Meat 14oz
1603Prego Spaghetti Sauce Plain 14oz
1604Ragu Plain Spaghetti Sauce 14oz
1605Ragu Spaghetti Sauce Plain 24oz
1606Ragu Sauce Mushroom 24oz
1607Ragu Garden Sty Gar & On 24z
1608Ragu Grdn Sty Mush Grn Pep 24oz
1609Classico Tomatoes & Basil 24 oz.
9029Ragu Spaghetti Sauce Meat 24oz
9030Newmans Marinara Sauce
9031Newmans Sockarooni Sauce 24oz
9032Newmans Tomato & Basil Sauce 24oz
9073Prego Sauce w/Meat 24oz
9074Prego Sauce w/Mushroom 24oz
9214GNRC Tomato Sauce 29oz
Sauces - Tomatoes & Paste
1597GNRC Tomatoe Paste 12 oz
1598Contadina Tomatoes Puree 29oz
1599Contadina Crushed Tomatoes 28oz
9028Contadina Tomato Paste
9065Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes
9194GNRC Crushed Tomatoes 28oz
9217GNRC Diced Tomato 28oz
9218Hunts Diced Tomatoes 14.5 oz
9240GNRC Tomato Puree 29oz
Sauces Fruit
1472GNRC Reg Apple Sauce 6 pk
1473GNRC Apple Sauce Natural 6 pk
1593Motts Regular Applesauce 24oz Jar
1594Motts Natural Applesauce 6pk
1595Motts Regular Applesauce 6 Pk
1596Motts Cinn Apple Sauce 6 pk
Snack Foods - Chips
9137Pringles Potato Chips
9138Pringles Sour Cr. & Onion
9174French’s Potato Stix
Snack Foods - Cookies
1955Nab. Chips Ahoy Chunky
1956Nab. Fig Newtons
1970Nab. Barnum Animal Crkr 2 oz
9219Nab. Oreo Cookies
9233Nab. Chewy Chips Ahoy
9234Nab. Chips Ahoy Reg.
9235Nutter Butter Cookies
9236Nab. Oreo Double Stuff
Snack Foods - Crackers
1959GNRC Saltine Crackers - Salted
1961GNRC Honey Graham Crackers
1964Nab. Wheat Thins - 16 oz
1966Nab. Honey Graham Crkr 14 oz
1969Nab. Ritz Crackers 10.3 oz
9237Cheezit Crackers- Sunshine Brand
9238Cheezit White Cheddar Crackers
9239Triscuit Crackers
Snack Foods - Nuts
1693Planters Cocktail Peanut
1695Planters Dry Roasted Peanut
Snack Foods - Pastry
9175Lil Deb Cosmic Brownies
9176Lil Deb Nutty Bars 6 Pk
9178Lil Deb Swiss Cake Roll 12 ct
Snack Foods - Popcorn
1696Orville Red Popcorn / Gourmet box
Snack Foods - Pretzels
9171Combos Cheddar Pretzels
9172Combos Pizzaria Pretzels
9173Combos Pepperoni Pizza Ptrzl.
Snack Foods - Pudding
9086Hunts Snack Pack Choc. Pudding 4pk
9087Hunts Snack Pack Van. Pudding 4pk
Snacks SS - Crackers
1987Keeb Club & Chdr Cracker 8 ct
1989Keeb Toast & Pnt Btr Crkr 8 ct
Spices & Seasonings
1468Bells Meatloaf Mix 6z
1469GNRC Pork Shake n Bake 6z
1470GNRC Chicken Shake n Bake
1471GNRC Bread Crumbs Italian Style 15oz
1670Shake n Bake Chicken 2 pk. 5.5oz
1671Shake n Bake Pork 2 Pk
1673Progresso Bread Crumbs 15oz
1613Skippy Peanut Butter Creamy 40oz
1614Jif Peanut Butter - Creamy
1615Teddies Old Fashion Pnt Btr 16oz
1616Welch’s Grape Squeeze - Nat
1618Smucker Strawberry 12oz
1619Smucker Red Raspberry 12oz
1620Durkee Marshmallow Fluff 7.5oz
1843GNRC Creamy Peanut Butter 40oz
9053Polaner All Fruit Raspberry 10oz
9054Polaner All Fruit Strawberry 10oz
9148GNRC Peanut Butter Creamy 18oz
9192Jif Creamy Peanut Butter 40 oz.
9241Skippy Crunchy Pnt Butter 16oz
1467GNRC Chicken Stuffing 6z
1674Stove Top Stuffing - Chicken 6oz
1832Stove Top Stuffing - Turkey 6oz
1833Stove Top Stuffing - Pork 6oz
2011Bells Stuffing Mix
Syrup & Honey
9085GNRC Honey Squeeze Bottle
9115Log Cabin Syrup
9116GNRC Pancake Syrup
Tissue Bath
1722Scott Bath Tissue 1000 roll
1724Charmin Strong Dbl Roll 6pk
1725Angel Soft White 4 PK
1726GNRC Prem Big Toilet 6PK
1727Northern Bath Tissue DBL 4 PK
1728GNRC Bath Tissue 1000 roll
9152GNRC Bath Tissue 4Pk.
9177Cottonelle Wipes Refill
9213Cottonelle Flushable Wipes 42ct
Tissue Facial
1729Kleenex Facial Tissue 160 ct
1730Kleenex Cube Assort.Colors 85 ct
1741Puffs Plus Facial Cube
1768Puffs Plus Facial Family
9153GNRC Facial Tissue Wht. 160 ct.
Water Products
9158GNRC Water 2.5 gal.
9159GNRC Water Purified 24 ct
9160GNRC Gallon Spring Water
9187Nestle Pure Life Water .5ltr

Food Safety

To help our customers keep up with daily and weekly recalls of food and grocery items, we recommend that you visit the government's Food Safety website.