Our Products: Beef

053Sirloin Steak Tip Strips - Plain HB
056Sirloin Steak Tips 1# HB
057Sirloin Steak Tips 1.5# HB
074Shaved Sandwich Steak 1.5# HB
077Rib Roast B/L 4# HB
085Petite Filet of Beef Teriyaki
087Garlic & Herb London Broil
088Steak House London Broil
089Flat Iron Steak
095Shaved Sandwich Steak HB
096Blade Steaks HB
099Beef Short Ribs 1 Rib 578
100Rib Eye Steak 468
101Teriyaki Beef Steaks 005
102Flank Steak 410
103Beef Short Ribs -Rack 3lb 414
104Bnls Chuck Steak 509
105Delmonico Steak 516
106London Broil 8 oz 301
107Porterhouse Steak 24 oz 434
108T-Bone Steak 14 oz 471
109Beef Tenderloin 628
111Porterhouse Steak 14 oz 503
112Rib Steaks Bone In 458
113Sirloin Filet HB
114NY Strip Sirloin HB
115Burgundy Pepcorn Stk Tips 008
116Filet of Sirloin HB
117Sirloin Filet HB
118Jumbo Filet Mignon 640
119Skirt Steak - HB
120London Broil 1# 506
121London Broil 2# 397
122Rib Roast B/L 340
123Petite Filet Mignon 639
124Sirloin Steak Tips - Steakhouse
127Chuck Roast B/L 383
130Eye Round Roast 365
131Top Round Roast 387
132Round Rump Roast 361
134Bottom Round Roast #368
137Eye Round Roast 366
138Rib Roast B/I 354
139Rib Roast B/I 353
140Chateaubriand Roast HB
141Kobe Burgers 2/8oz
14285/15 Lean Beef Patties 002
14485/15 Lean Ground Beef 001
145Stew Beef 408
14690/10 Lean Ground Beef 003
14790/10 Lean Patties 004
148Sirloin Tips 1.5# 401
149Italian Meatballs 8 per Bag
150Sirloin Tips 1# 400
152Sirloin Steak Tips - Teriyaki
153Sirloin Steak Tips - BBQ
154Sirloin Steak Tips - Argentinian
155Sirloin Steak Tips - Burg/Pepper HB
156Sirloin Steak Tips - Chinese Sauce 156
157Sirloin Steak Tips - Swt Bourbon
158Sirloin Steak Tips- Original Garlic
159NY Strip Sirloin Roast 322
160NY Strip Sirloin Roast 320
161Sirloin Steak Tips - Red Devil Hot
162Sirloin Steak Tips- Swt Ginger Chili HB
163Sirloin Skewer - Teriyaki 163
164Sirloin Skewer - Plain #182
165Sirloin Skewer -Vegetables #15
166Sirloin Skewer - Teriyaki & Veg 166
169Sirloin Skewer - Steakhse & Veg.
171Sirloin Filet 1.5#
190Prime Rib Steaks - Bone In HB
210Grass Fed Tenderloin 8z
211Grass Fed Ground Beef 16z
212Grass Fed Beef Patty 2/5z
214Grass Fed - Ribeye 10z
306Prime Rib Steaks - Boneless HB
319Rib Eyes - Bone In HB
320Delmonico - Bone In
539Ground Beef / Veal / Pork HB
558Cowboy Steak HB
807Celantano Italian Meatballs
855100% Organic Tenderloin Filets
856100% Organic NY Strip Steaks
858100% Organic Ground Beef
869Ground Buffalo
Beef Exotic
864Buffalo Strip Steaks
866Buffalo Top Sirloin Steaks
868Buffalo Ribeye Steaks
870Ground Venison
872Venison Medallions
875Ground Buffalo Patties
Beef Steaks
086Cooked Boneless Short Ribs
Burgers & Ground Products
075Bubba Burgers Sweet Onion 2lb Box
076Bubba Original Burgers 2lb Box
654Bar S Meat Franks
Gourmet Meals
167Italian Meatloaf 2#
Organic Beef
854100% Organic Top Sirloin Steaks

Food Safety

To help our customers keep up with daily and weekly recalls of food and grocery items, we recommend that you visit the government's Food Safety website.